“ "The great man had an unequal charisma. He always walked or pretended to due to that unwanted hemiplegia that befell him in Agadir accidentally or forcibly- GOD knows- I still remember the song he always wanted me to sing when i came back home on holidays from college. It told the story of people who wanted life with the obligation that they should respond with no complaint to destiny. It also related the moral that a sword’s wound heals by time, but a word’s shock never heals. The great man listened to me with enthusiasm, but I never knew what went on in his mind ! All i knew he loved the song. I told him about CHEIKH IMAM, SAID EL MAGHRIBI AND MARCEL KHALIFA , and he got graduated from college without having ever been there !I know not what kind of PHD he got !
He never complained against destiny. He knew he was dying and accepted. He just waited to bid goodbye everyone and rest in peace. Out of the blue, his daughter who lives far away overseas arrived ! Then, with that same charisma he strongly mentioned all our names with no mistake ; abdellAtif- with that « A » emphasised he said as was his habit- Others prefer to call me abdeltif- with no « A » !! and then an unusual white tide or saliva came out of his mouth ; subsequently, he breathed no more ! he simply quit and died. I still ask myself now if he really wanted life like the people in IMAM’S song, or else he preferred PEACE ? He simply smiled strongly at the sword- the word- as though he knew my question ! There was no wound to complain about ! He simply died in peace leaving us all in tears !! Two years today DAD and i miss you so much! " ‘’