“ We decided in an answer to a call we know less about to do that shopping. We responded to the ritual and engaged into the realm of buyers. The beasts were there surrendering to every sort of belittling to be valued a price . They differ not in my view but their prices marry some sort of discrepancy only skillful slaughterers know. I watched as a novice and dust filled my new shoes. We left. The café where we sat served only tea and lemonades in litters- family stuff- little bottles we lost long before. Inside the family stuff we met the farmer who took us to some sort of workshop producing oil in October - he said- apricots in July - he also said- sheep when circumstances allow it, and other stuff to keep the mind keep on managing the whole craziness. We bought two sheep. We joined criminals and drove away with ecstasy. Back into the backyard a sister insisted on killing temporary gladness. Blood turned chilling icebergs in white just like the wool covering the beast we will coldly and especially absurdly assassinate next Friday ‘’