The window day

“ I have never thought that the window can have another symbol better than having a look at the outside world. Yet, the window was closed tightly ! The story that brought this was a discussion over skill and imagination ; a topic that came from nowhere- or else i dont know how- We all endeavoured with thought and skill to open the window, and someone said : unscrew the drivers and fix them low, sir. The skill was incomplete for we had no tools ; or else the professor saw there was another fixation at the other upper side ! the plastic ruler didt work either, but the attempt was audacious and promising !! we all left undefeated and full of hope to open the window- the one that was fakely made- and set our minds free !
I know not if my engineer students thought about the problematic or not ; all i know I didnt. One day, The professor acted with no skill , nor any imagination ! Spontaneity did the job ! The palm of my hand hit softly the window lid higher ; and the window opened ! There was surprise mixed with disbelief from me and them. I gave a good lesson or I guess it was. The experiment of the window haunted me later, and i came to this conclusion. I opened the FRAMEWORK , but the window is still closed !!