The integration day

“ The numeral label of the day escapes me now ; but the Memory remains intact . That it was a Thursday is simply imposed by anecdotic schedules we unfortunately have to abide by. I arrived a bit late through, and everything was done devoid of the burden of planned things. I simply improvised!!
The human being in us - the real self – indulged into fruitful talks about choosing the right road or way, the desirable house and the mysterious key that might-or might not - open the circle where the big TRUTH lies .
Nobody knew – not even me – if ever those philosophies would make integration possible . Nonetheless, varied talks went on smoothly and calmly as that tagine I have always liked watching being cooked in the woods on a sunny day .We simply got into discovering each other so slowly!
The meeting came to an end exactly as every schedule always does. We truly enjoyed the course of everything despite the unanswered questions – the same ones – that stubbornly kept haunting all of us-including myself. What made us talk about the roads, the houses and above all the keys ? Did we really annihilate the anecdotic? Have we abolished the schedules? Have we discovered the SEIF –found the TRUTH-?
Beautifully enough , one thing is sure! We have got integrated! If not I am no mentor!!!!