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About The Quotes of BOSS

The Quotes of BOSS is a web app that is managed by Abdellatif Hemdaoui, a bachelor degree in English linguistics. A master's degree in sciences of education. A teaching experience of more than 20 years. Teaching ESP ( English for Specific Purposes) at university mainly for engineering students and networkers. Teacher of business English in BTS classes.






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    Abdellatif Hemdaoui

  • thumbs_up_downWhat am i getting by reading the quotes?

    Inspiration, love, motivation and lot of positive emotions

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    Yes so you can see how many likes, views & shares each quote has got

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    The web app was made by Ismail Ghallou also known as Smakosh & Anas Mazouni also known as Stormix, Smakosh designed the logo, User interface & coded the front end part & some basic back end stuff & Stormix managed to finish the back end & optimizing the website

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    Not yet, but maybe soon you will be able to

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    You can support me by Donating directly or via Patreon

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